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Justice x The Fucking Champs

I always saw Justice as taking two bastardized and opposing musical genres, Disco and Metal and fusing them together into this epic and energetic sound. Sprinkle on some good songwriting and catchy melodies and you have Justice, in a nutshell. It totally made sense for Justice to ask The Fucking Champs for a remix of their power rock single “Civilization”. I have always thought The Fucking Champs were the badass version of Ratatat and now here they are fulfilling their cock rock destiny by remixing Justice. Just remember that harmonized guitars will always be cool.

The Fucking Champs – Civilization (The Fucking Champs Remix)

The Fucking Champs teamed up with Trans AM to form The Fucking AM, one of the most epic bands to come about in the past decade. “Doing Research for an Autobiography” is the key track off their album “Gold” that epitomizes all things epic and feel good. Just imagine yourself driving in SoCal in the 80s in your Jeep with your surfboard and the wind in your hair, feelsgoodman.jpg

The Fucking AM – Doing Research for An Autobigraphy

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Music Video : Justice “Civilization”

Justice channeling some Heavy Metal vibes. Epic.

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Justice : Civilization

Justice strikes back with an epic homage to all things power rock. With the help of Mr. Ali Love on vocals they create a track that is part Queen’s “Flash Gordon Theme” and part dance rehearsal/training montage from an obscure 80s underdog movie. Hence the track being used in the new Adidas Campaign. Justice sounds as if they are really embracing that they are not a dance act anymore but a electronic duo parading in the rock world. I am interested to hear what else Justice has up their sleeves, I hope it sounds like late Led Zeppelin – especially “In The Light”, “The Wanton Song” and “Carouselambra”.

Your thoughts, blogosphere?


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Adidas x Romain Gavras x Justice

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Justice: Ministry of Sound NYE 2009

Download: Justice: Ministry of Sound NYE 2009

Cheers, Let The Music Play

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Mixmag Presents Club 75 Mix: Cassius, Justice, Busy P & DJ Mehdi

Download: Mixmag Presents Club 75 Mix

01 Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany – Highway (FCL Remix)
02 Kikomoto Allstars – Still Can’t Stop The House
03 Cybersonic – Technarchy
04 D.I.M & Tai – Lyposuct
05 Cassius – Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes’ (Reset! Remix)
06 Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists
07 Tronik Youth – Disco Suks (Aston Shuffle Remix)
08 Justice – D.A.N.C.E (MSTRKRFT Remix)
09 Cassius – La Mouche (DJ Falcon Metal Mix)
10 Jack Beats – Get Down
11 DB-X – Third Rail
12 Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine
13 Kevin Saunderson – Bounce Your Body To The Box
14 Fake Blood – The Dozens (Edit)
15 Tony Lionni – Found A Place
16 Cassius Feat Jocelyn Brown – I’m A Woman (Zdar & Boombass Private Mix)
17 DYE – Neige 606 (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Cheers, Let The Music Play

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Cassius x K.S.

K.S. adds an old school flair and touch to Cassius’ latest single. Dig it.

Cassius – Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes (K.S ‘Higher State of Consciousnes of Da Funk’ remix)

Cheers, Fluo Kids

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Lenny Kravitz x Justice

Once again, an irrelevant artist trying to make a comeback by partnering up with some of the hip guys of the moment. Oh I love how the music industry works. Justice is definitely channeling some of Stevie Wonder in this track. Still though..a big HUH?! from me. C’mon Justice just make some new original stuff.

Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix)

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U2 x Justice

Photo by Ysa Perez

Your typical Justice production and Justice sound. I wonder how much Justice charged for this remix. This is just an example of U2 trying to stay relevant in these changing times. I like that synth part right before the chorus, very 70s, Reading Rainbow sounding.
U2 – Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix)

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