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Asian Dan Interview: Housse de Racket

Victor & Pierre of Housse de Racket were kind enough to answer a few questions of mine to shed some light on the epic pop rock that they create. Find out how they are connected to Air, Phoenix, Gonzales & Sebastien Tellier. Great guys and hope to see them on American soil sometime soon.

Housse De Racket – Oh Yeah! (25 Hours A Day Remix)
Houssee de Racket Myspace

Asian Dan Interview: Housse de Racket

1. Who is Housse de Racket? How would you describe your music?

We’re two guys who grew up in suburb of Paris, city of lights. We met when were teenagers at music school. Victor was wearing a Pearl Jam tee shirt and Pierre loved it.

We play stadium music in very small rooms.

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

We love black music especially Stevie Wonder, Prince and (of course) Michael Jackson… but we cannot sing like them so we play very loud with huge distorsion on the guitar and a double kick drum.

3. The French Music scene is at quite a peak now, where do you see it going and are you guys going along for the ride?

We started playing music when Daft Punk, Air or even Phoenix started to raise. We considered them as (hidden) older brothers… So, it has always been part of our vision of the french music.
Now, Justice, Yelle, The Teenagers, Soko prove that something still happens in France.

We sing in french so we’re different from these bands. The past few months we realize that it’s not a problem anymore… We recently signed with a big english booking agency (Primary Talent) and we plan to play worldwide !

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Gonzales: Fairtilizer Playlist & Interview

Huey Lewis and the News, Billy Joel, R Kelly, Daft Punk and Rick Ross all on one playlist? Only the great and eccentric Gonzales could love and throw in all these artists into one playlist. Gonzales is apparently working with Boys Noize on some original music according to this Boys Noize x interview so look out for that in the future.

Fairtilizer: Gonzales Interview

Check out this Gonzales TV Interview after the jump, where he discusses the difference between Major and Minor keys and their role in European and North American culture.

“Major chords represent what is wrong with North America, it is a false optimism, a fear of reality and how hard it is.” -Gonzales

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Housse de Racket

Housse de Racket are a French pop rock duo in the vain of Phoenix meets the whole new Ivy Indie scene of Chester French (Harvard), Vampire Weekend (Columbia) & Hey Champ (Princeton). They are opening for a few Jamie Lidell dates in Europe. Gonzales remixed their single “Oh Yeah” turning it into a track that sounds like a soulful Daft Punk’s “Teachers”.

Housse de Racket – Oh Yeah (Gonzales Remix)

Housse de Racket – Oh Yeah (TEPR Remix)

Housse de Racket Myspace

Check out their music video for “Oh Yeah”
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Gonzales x Boys Noize

Boys Noize turns this Gonzales track into what sounds like Jamie Lidell covering Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon’s track “Togehter”.
Gonzales – Working Together (Boys Noize Remix)

Cheers, Guilty as Pleasure

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