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Clark : Isolation Theme (Thom Yorke Remix)

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Clark : Peak Magnetic

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Clark : Unfurla

A subdued rave tune by Warp Records’ Clark, off his upcoming self-titled album out in November.

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Clark : Iradelphic

Clark is on another level with his latest release “Iradelphic”. Warp Records proves that they can find some of the finest musical talent out today and Clark is that intersection of all they are known for on their fine musical roster. Imagine if Bibio, Boards of Canada and Rustie all were wrangled into Clark’s studio for an intense month session. “Iradelphic” would be the product of that session. There is everything from pristine production, candid guitar performances, warm analog synths to well crafted songs. This is the album of 2012 that I have been waiting for.

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Clark : ‘Phrenic’ MPC DJ Mix

Warp’s own Clark crafted this DJ mix for BBC a few weeks ago. It is yet another great example of Warp’s quality of artists and what we all can look forward to from them and their top-notch roster. I love what Clark does to Dorian Concept’s “Trilingual Sex Experience”.

Download: Clark : ‘Phrenic’ MPC DJ Mix

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Asian Dan Q&A: BIBIO

Bibio’s “Ambivalence Avenue” caught me off guard this past fall. I am familiar with his past work but this album is the perfect blend of introspective lo-fi electronica with beautiful guitar work. Exactly what I need in these banger times. “All The Flowers” and “Lover’s Carvings” are perfectly written pop songs that I just can’t stop listening to. “Ambivalence Avenue” is up there for album of the year for me (Check out the blog next week for all my obligatory end of the year/decade lists to see who made it, as well as a few lists from some guests)

Stephen was kind enough to answer a few questions for Asian Dan giving us all a peek into his musical mind, naming some of his favorite guitar compositions by the likes of Steve Reich and Tortoise as well as explaining his musical philosophy.

Bibio – All the Flowers

Bibio – Lover’s Carvings

Asian Dan Q&A: BIBIO

1. Who is Bibio?

Bibio is Stephen James Wilkinson from Wolverhampton, England.

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

Imperfections in technology like spherical aberration in lenses, wobble on tape, distortion in valves, crackles on vinyl. Also, beautiful common occurrences in nature like flickering shadows caused by overlapping leaves wagging in a gentle breeze. The smell of damp foliage. The sound of wind through leaves and the chorus of bees, lawnmowers and blackbirds.

What was your first musical memory?

Learning ‘Silent Night’ on my brother’s old bontempi electronic organ.

3. You set the guitar in a very interesting and refreshing context. When did you pick up guitar?

I started to learn guitar chords at the age of about 11 or 12.

Who are some guitar heroes?

Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine),Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Joao Gilberto, Joe Pass.

Who are some non-guitar musicians/composers you love that inspire your playing?

Steve Reich, Boards of Canada.

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Clark – Turning Dragon – 1.28.08

Clark is releasing a new album tomorrow in the UK on Warp Records entitled Turning Dragon. I am looking forward to this album big time after getting hold of his last release, Throttle Promoter EP. Clark is one of the most refreshing sounding artists on Warp, he has a very classic UK electronic sound but turned up to 11. From what I heard so far the album very different than Body Riddle, a favorite of mine.

Clark – Tuning Dragon Sampler Part I
Clark – Tuning Dragon Sampler Part II

Clark Site

Buy Clark’s Turning Dragon Here

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Clark – Kniff Griff

Clark – Kniff Griff
Throttle Promoter – 2007
This track is some hardcore dupstep/grime meets Warp Records IDM sound. Clark is such an amazing talent on Warp, I am always looking forward for whatever he puts out.

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Radiohead – All I Need (Fan made video)


Clark – Ted

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