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Jai Paul : Self-Titled Debut LP – Stream + Download

Jai Paul unveils his debut 16 track self-titled album amidst the Coachella and Daft Punk hype without any help from his label XL Recordings via his bandcamp. XL label owner Richard Russell says “The way [Jai Paul is] going about things is, I think for many, baffling. But it’s how he’s going about things, and as such it can only be right because it’s his way of doing it.” Let us just respect this massive and enigmatic talent and allow these new tracks bless our ears.

PS Track 7 is a lovely cover of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush”.


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Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Nile Rodgers


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Jerome LOL : A/S/L

Jerome LOL dives into the vibes with this 58 minute mix entitled “A/S/L”. Buy a physical/IRL copy of the mix here.

“This mix is a mix of songs that inspire me. None of them are secret, none of them are unreleased, none of them are brand new, even. Each song on the mix means a lot to me, and I hope they end up meaning a lot to you too. This mix should get you in the proper mood for the upcoming summer. Enjoy ^__^” – JeromeLOL

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Jacques Greene + Tinashe : Painted Faces

Yours Truly is producing some amazing content that is more than just a means for a large corporate entity to seem “cool” and “relevant”. They are aligning like minded artists and giving them a chance to create something with no pre-concieved expectations. Just that whatever they produce will be an honest representation of two artists honing their craft and sharing their talents with each other. Jacques Greene teams up with the up and coming, RnB vocalist, Tinashe to produce a deep and emotional house track entitled “Painted Faces”. Listen below and watch a little behind the scenes video.

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Phoenix : Entertainment (Todd Edwards Remix)

Todd Edwards graces Phoenix once again this time with a remix of “Entertainment”, a moody groove take on Phoenix’s epic indie pop. Todd holds back on his signature cut up style until the chorus adding to the restraint and vibes of this remix. It is quite a #relevant time for Mr. Todd Edwards as he teams up with such big players in the French music scene.

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Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Todd Edwards

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White Gallery : Johnny’s Gun

The mysterious BK band White Gallery unveils a new tune “Johnny’s Gun”, an angular robotic funk full of coked out Miami Vice vibes fused with an awkward David Byrne flair, in the best ways possible. Check out White Gallery live this Saturday opening for Light Asylum at some Goth Rave and at Ella on Monday for a Wax Poetics party – more info for these shows on the White Gallery FB page.

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Emil & Friends : SXSW daydreams mixtape special

“A lot of people said they couldn’t make it to SXSW because they were busy cooking up a new album. In some cases, this might be true. Spot some favorite classic vinyl drum breaks mixed with some live bass and synth to this animated video short of a Texas daydream, drenched in analog.” – Emil

Come to Glasslands in Williamsburg, BK Wednesday April 10 to check out Emil & Friends live.

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Bibio : “Silver Wilkinson” Album Sampler

Bibio offers up a teaser of his upcoming LP “Silver Wilkinson” an album that seems to delve into a hybrid world of his guitar-folk music and his electronic productions. By the sounds of this teaser this album is a lovely unifying piece that combines his wide spectrum of taste and style into something that is intriguing and honest.

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Phoenix : Entertainment (Homemade Performance Video)

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