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White Denim : Get Back To Love (Street Joy)

The OG Austin, Texas rockers White Denim’s latest track is smoother than ever. It is even smoother than a “Drugs” b-side, “Hot Thought”

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White Denim : Hot Thought

White Denim is a band I ignored for a longtime just because of their band name. I assumed they were just some generic lo-fi, sloppy, garage rock band from Austin. But I was quite wrong once I saw them down at SXSW this year. A perfect blend of proggy noodling and Pop with an over the top Rock energy. Their album “Last Day of Summer” was on repeat all this past Spring and Summer. “Hot Thought” is a bonus track off their latest release, “D”. “Hot Thought” is one of the most straight forward Pop sounding tracks of theirs that channels some of the Yacht Rock greats. Watch out of the super smooth Steely Dan chorus on “Hot Thought”

Download: White Denim : Hot Thought

Hot Thought by WhiteDenim

Checkout this live performance White Denim did for “From The Basement” – quite an energetic and tight performance.
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