Asian Dan


So Me: Portraits

Studio Gallery – Toronto

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Jusitce – D.V.N.O

Justice – DVNO [NEW]

Attack of the 80s logos!! The end is a great Murder She Wrote tribute.

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Hipster Mafia

Who are those 3 dudes in front of Gaspard? *Answer* LA Riots

Young Love – Discotech (Weird Science Remix)(Steve Aoki)
Steve Aoki Myspace
Check out his remix of Snoop’s Sexual Eruption and the track 1967 that he did with Junkie XL.

The Cobra Snake was all over New Years

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French Dynasty

1/2 JUS†ICE x 1/2 Daft Punk = Imagine the music they could make!!

Courtesy of the House Music Lovers Forum. Holla.

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So Blur reunited, Graham Coxon is back on the team.
I personally dislike Damon Albarn and everything he has done but Blur was such a good band.

Blur – Coffee & TV
Blur – Boys & Girls

Kanye & So-Me
Kanye has that whole international flair that no one can say isn’t cool. He has the uber-hip French on his side and the cutting edge Japanese. He can’t be stopped.

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