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Passion Pit x Penguin Prison

Take a hugely successful buzzband and then have the “it” buzz-artist remix their hit single – should work right? Ah the lovely music industry we live in by any means possible how can we the hype alive?! Well in this case it works as the pop prince Penguin Prison brings down the hyper-active falsetto of Passion Pit into a whispery, Holy Ghost! Yacht House, Disco sounding track. I really enjoy that bite in the bassline.

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Penguin Prison Remix)

via Neon Gold

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Passion Pit vs. Plus Move

Let’s put my Blogonomics 101 theory to test. Hypemachine Economy staple/buzz band, Passion Pit gets yet another remix by some producer br0s, Plus Move. Formula for HypeM chart domination? We shall see. All Blog theories aside, this is a great Boston on Boston collab. Just some talented/fun guys, Plus Move doin’ their thing. I’m a big fan of the piano and the bass part that kicks in. blogblogblog nomnomnom tweettweettweet

Nate (Shuttle) our boy sent us the stems. We made this banger in a night. Forgot about it. Then Future Kiddd, aka one half of Plus Move, came in and gave it that pop vibe. The Passion Pit boys and their label loved the remix and wanted to use it for promotional purposes, but MySpace doesn’t know good music when it hits em right in tha face! Peace. :)” – Plus Move

“Easily the most soulful and funky remix we have ever had the honor of receiving. Very Plus Move=Very Tasteful.” – Passion Pit

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Plus Move Remix feat. Future Kiddd)

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Passion Pit x Hey Champ

Hey Champ takes on the synth-pop blog kings Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets”. Pete sent me the unmastered version of this remix a month ago and I knew that it would be a blogosphere hit. I love the slick bassline and what they do to the chorus and the bridge. If you are lucky enough to be in Brazil make sure to check out Hey Champ as they play a few shows and DJ down south.

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Hey Champ Remix) (192 kbps)

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