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Asian Dan Presents Classic House Tracks According to the Word of Todd: Lil’ Louis “Club Lonely”

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Here is the 2nd installment in ” Classic House Tracks According to the Word of Todd” by the one and only Todd Edwards. This week it is a track by the Chicago-House DJ/Producer pioneer, Lil’ Louis.

Lil’ Louis – Club Lonely

Lil’ Louis is an extremely innovative producer. His track “French Kiss” was a very deep house track which slowly went down in tempo until the whole track came to a complete stop, while a woman simultaneously is moaning to a point of climax. It sounds even better than it reads. Even though that was a ground breaking track, it is his other brilliant work that inspired me.

The track is called “Club Lonely” It starts out with a deep bassline and synth chords. Then another layer of synth chords come in complimenting the first. Then, a saxaphone pattern comes in on top of that. And if that weren’t enough, a beautiful song on top of that. But the peak of this song is the chorus. The harmony that was created for the chorus is one that inspired me like no other. I definitely learned to layer music from this song. If you listen to my Sunshine Brothers work, you will here some of that influence, especially “Like A Fire”.

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