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Hot Chip : Don’t Deny Your Heart

Hot Chip’s fifth album “In Our Heads” is like their past 4 albums melded into one and distilled down to all that is great about Hot Chip. They touch upon every extreme in their repertoire – from their deep dancefloor vibes (“Flutes”) to their soulful side (“Look at Where We Are”) to their power-pop/songwriter side.

“Dont Deny Your Heart” dives into that epic power-pop side of Hot Chip with its playful synths and its modulating chord progression. It is a song that nods at tracks like Christopher Cross’ “All Right” and Andrew Gold’s “Lonely Boy” while still retaining that synth-nerd vibes that Hot Chip is known for. I am especially a big fan of the angular, Devo-esque outro. “In Our Heads” is definitely Hot Chip’s most self-indulgent album, a work that allowed them to stroke every facet of their musical egos – something I am not mad about.

Be sure to check out a live rendition of “Don’t Deny Your Heart” that the band performed on the Jools Holland Show a few weeks back. It really comes to life, especially with their lovely female drummer.

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Blood Orange : Dinner

Blood Orange is the latest incarnation of Dev Hynes, the man behind Lightspeed Champion and the late leaders of nu-rave, Test Icicles. Is Dev a musical scene chameleon able to adapt to the quick paced musical world or is he just hopping on whatever musical bandwagon that comes along in the blogosphere? With Blood Orange Dev channels the 90s nostalgia movement that is creeping back into the pop culture psyche. I feel the production and songwriting is on point for what he is going for and therefore an honest musical venture. Either way it feels and sounds good – so that’s all that matters right?

Download: Blood Orange – Dinner

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Four Tet x Floating Points

A 13 min opus that revision’s the genius that is Four Tet’s “Sing” by another genius, Floating Points. A beautiful, introspective sonic journey that cleanses the mind. Purge your soul with some Four Tet x Floating Points.

Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Remix) by DominoRecordCo

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