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Hot Chip : Don’t Deny Your Heart

Hot Chip’s fifth album “In Our Heads” is like their past 4 albums melded into one and distilled down to all that is great about Hot Chip. They touch upon every extreme in their repertoire – from their deep dancefloor vibes (“Flutes”) to their soulful side (“Look at Where We Are”) to their power-pop/songwriter side.

“Dont Deny Your Heart” dives into that epic power-pop side of Hot Chip with its playful synths and its modulating chord progression. It is a song that nods at tracks like Christopher Cross’ “All Right” and Andrew Gold’s “Lonely Boy” while still retaining that synth-nerd vibes that Hot Chip is known for. I am especially a big fan of the angular, Devo-esque outro. “In Our Heads” is definitely Hot Chip’s most self-indulgent album, a work that allowed them to stroke every facet of their musical egos – something I am not mad about.

Be sure to check out a live rendition of “Don’t Deny Your Heart” that the band performed on the Jools Holland Show a few weeks back. It really comes to life, especially with their lovely female drummer.

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