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Brodinski & Louisahhh : Hardcoreness

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Brodinski & Suicideyear : Boffum

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Music Video : Brodinski feat. Bloody Jay “Us”

A fantastic lol.

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Brodinski : The Purple Ride (Mixtape)

“This is a concentrate of everyhting I love. No compromise, no label, no nothing, just music. ” – Brodinski

Brodinski and the Bromance Family reveal the full “The Purple Ride” mixtape, an eclectic peak into what really gets Brodinski and co really vibing as the genres blur and blend like the perfect mix of lean.

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Brodinski : Late Night Alternative (Mixtape)

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Brodinski @ Boiler Room Berlin x House of Vans

A 60 minute journey into the vibes.

Purple Techno 303 Acid 808 House

PS the G. Vump remix of Cashmere Cat “Mirror Maru” is massive.

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Asian Dan Q&A : Club Cheval + Bromance #3

Club Cheval are some serious rave bros bringing back some serious 90s rave vibes but shot into hyper-speed all with a touch of that French electronic finesse. The quartet recently released a new track entitled “Now U Realize” on Bromance Records. Check out the track and a new track from Brodinski & Louisahhh as well.

Asian Dan Q&A : Club Cheval

1. Who is Club Cheval ?

Club Cheval is a weird mix between a collective, a band of best friends, a band, a dj crew, a laboratory, a philosophic club. It’s like fusioning four different brains in order to achieve ur objectives. This is Club Cheval.

2. How would you describe your music?

It’s always been hard for us to describe our style. To make it simple, the music of Club Cheval is the result of a looong journey deep inside each of us’ memory. From Panteros’s love for belgian techno to Canblaster’s fantasy about japanese stabs. From Myd’s passion for pop to Sam Tiba’s knowledge of ghetto music. When we gather to make music, this all merges into one big musical maelstrom. If we had to chose one adjective to describe our style, it would be EPIC.

3. What was your first musical memory?

The Sub created by the contact between the placenta and our ears, back in the days, in our maker’s belly.

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Asian Dan’s Guest List : Brodinski Top 10 of 2011

Brodinski has been a very busy man this year from non-stop touring to starting his own label, Bromance – he is definitely on his way to doing big things. Checkout his Top 10 tracks of 2011 and don’t forget to listen to the new Gucci Vump Mixtape

Asian Dan’s Guest List : Brodinski Top 10 of 2011
1. The Weeknd – What You Need / XO
2. Heartbreak – Grown Man Shit / CDr
3. Switch Feat. Andrea Martin – I Still Love you / Dubsided
4. Steffi – Yours / Osgut Ton
5. Drake – Look What You’ve Done / Young Money
6. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement / Bromance
7. Scuba – Feel It / Hotflush
8. Woodkid – Iron / GUM
9. Mickey Moonlight – Close To Everything / Ed Banger
10. Drake – Free Spirit Ft Rick Ross / OVO

Heartbreak – Grown Man Shit

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Gucci Vump : Nvthin Bvt A Gvxxi Thang

As Brodinski said in his Asian Dan Q&A : Introduction to Bromance Records, brainchild of both himself Brodinski and Guillaume of The Shoes, Gucci Vump are back with a new 30 min mixtape of original productions called “Nvthin Bvt A Gvxxi Thang”. Highlight tracks include a fantastic remix of Switch’s “I Still Love You”, a chopped & screwed sample of Toto’s Africa, and some chopped n’ screwed Drake to top it all off. Download the 30 min mix here or as separate tracks via Megaupload just like Kanye would.

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Asian Dan Q&A : Brodinski introduces Bromance Records

We always are looking for the perfect soundtrack to our Bromances. Pause. But search no more for Bromance Records is upon us. Brodinski is one of the founding fathers of Bromance Records. Brodinski and Gessaffelstein just released the label’s debut release which is a split single of massive techno proportions. Give a listen to both tracks below and check out what Brodinski has to say about why he started this adventure known as Bromance Records.

Asian Dan Q&A : Brodinsiki introduces Bromance Records

Who is Bromance Records?

Bromance Records started with a collaboration between Manu Barron (CEO Of Savoir Faire Company, including also Paris Social Club) and myself. All with a perfect team of talented people behind us.

Why start a Bromance/label these days?

It’s cool to actually have the possibility to release stuff you love, from People you care about. It’s not only about music on Bromance, it’s also about Friendship. We had the opportunity to create something different and exciting, so we did it!

What makes a perfect Bromance? Pause.

Hahah, I will say that work and friendship together are getting along pretty well most of the times, and this is exactly what I live since the beginning of my own career. Working with people I love and who are also really talented. The atmosphere of the label will always stay around this kind of relationships -I hope so!

Techno seems to be the element of a good Bromance – what kind of records will we expect from the Bromance team?

It’s not just about techno music, it’s also about music we want people to hear. The next project will be Gucci Vump, which is one of my side project with Guillaume Briere from The Shoes. It’s gonna be a mixtape for the internet including beats we did this year, inspired by Dj Screw and the whole Southern Rap Scene. So we will try to give people the choice, and not only give them club music.
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