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Daft Punk : TRON Legacy Soundtrack – Out 11.22.2010, Hear a secret clip of a track by typing in the code “derezzed”

Hear a clip of a new Daft Punk track from the TRON Legacy Soundtrack. An epic soundtrack where the duo employees a 100 piece orchestra from London as well as a few fancy production tricks that stay true to their Daft Punk roots. Just wait till you hear this clip. I’ve already listened to it 20+ times. The countdown is on till 11.22.2010 when new Daft Punk music hits our ears!

Directions to hear the clip:
+ Go to, and click on the “Tron: Legacy” logo.

+ Click anywhere outside of the highlighted boxes on the side walls of the site.

+ Then, in the black space, type in the code “derezzed.” (Note: No field will pop up.) An audio clip of Daft Punk’s score for “Tron: Legacy” will then play.

+ We’ve also got a little Easter egg for you. Right-click and view source for an extra surprise.

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