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Justice x 28 Weeks Later

What does Glenjamn and a few of his buddies decide do when they get high? The most typical stoner thing, find songs that sync up to movies, Justice x 28 Weeks Later. Thus is born, 28 Stressful Weeks Later. This is some epic shit, Michael Jackson’s Thriller on crack. Justice should have just scored this entire movie. Is this our generation’s Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz? I quote Glenjamn by saying this is “one of the most important stoner discoveries of our time”. Take note of the transition from Stress into Waters of Nazareth.

Glenjamn Presents: 28 Stressful Weeks Later

Stress & Waters of Nazareth

One Minute to Midnight & Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Remix)

The movie ends with zombies running toward the Eiffel Tower, freak coincidence?!?

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