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John Talabot : ƒin

John Talabot is a producer that really epitomizes the Catalan lifestyle and vibes with his tunes. He is a Barcelona based producer creating tracks that elevate the dancefloor into a moody and hypnotic state. His album “ƒin” is full of moody steady slowburner House tracks. The mood he sets borders the feeling of just starting off a night or ending the night and watching the sunrise. His tracks definitely have a parenthetical soundtrack feeling, it is up to you what you make of his music ( ).

The two standout tracks on the album both feature Pional. “Destiny” is a deep house pop song while “So Will be Now…” is a really journey of a song. In “So Will Be Now…” Talabot chops up vocals into a mantra that is reminiscent of Arthur Russell that floats a top a deep bassline.


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