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La Blogotheque : Saul Williams in Paris Catacombs

In 2003 I had the pleasure of witnessing the one man force that is Saul Williams. I was skeptical of seeing a solo spoken-word set as an opener for the Mars Volta, a very bold and questionable choice by the band. But as soon as Saul began his set everyone was focused and brought into Saul’s universe through his words. After that show I was definitely a fan. I haven’t been keeping up with Saul’s work over the past few years but I would always see his name pop-up next to Trent Reznor and Zach Del La Rocha’s names, proving that he is definitely on his way up. This year I found out that my buddy, David aka Tahiti Boy is currently playing keys/synth for Saul Williams’ live band so I’ve been following Mr. Williams more than usual. This weekend I stumbled upon this La Blogotheque video, an amazing 30 min video that captures Saul William performing in Paris’ Catacombs. I was surprised how dark and deep he has become with his music, these stripped down performances remind me a lot of Joy Division but maybe it could just be the dark catacombs that make me think of Ian Curtis.

“Saul Williams came to us. He wanted to be filmed in Paris Catacombs. Not the official, clean ones. He wanted to go in the dirty, tough, cold and humid network of underground corridors. He thought we might be crazy enough to accept the challenge. We were crazy enough.” – La Blogotheque

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