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The Virgins – Murder

The Virgins just released their self-titled album at the beginning of the month and it is totally different than their ’07 EP. This is a polished pop album that Hall & Oates would be proud of. The album reminds me of a sunnier and poppier version of Cazals with lyrics about rich upper east side girls. They reworked and tweaked all the songs from their EP that appear on the LP, like “Rich Girls” which sounds so polished and pop and “Love is Colder Than Death” has completely new instrumentation with saxophone taking the main role. Rock and roll is on its way back.
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“Murder” is a funky 80s tune with vocals that sound so much like Elvis Costello especially during the hooky chorus. I love the wah-wah guitar. Everything is so perfect and pop!! I love it!

The Virgins – Murder (yousendit)
The Virgins – Murder (zshare)

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