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Music Video : Leno Lovecraft “Princess”

Here is some sugary yet smooth synthpop via Leno Lovecraft’s EP out on the Parisian label Maman Records now.

Leno Lovecraft EP #1 by Maman_Records

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Music Video: Primary 1 – Princess

I am excited that artists like Primary 1 and Penguin Prison are bringing back this super polished pop sound. I want to hear and see an artist really trying to make well produced catchy music along side a well put together image. I want to watch them strive for that irresistible and infectious sound. I’m sick of all the lo-fi, made in a garage chillwave stuff. Give me the over the top produced sound and absurdity that is Pop Music. While you are at it bring me back some Rock and or Roll.

A great voice in music once said “You gotta take the littlest things in life, man, and blow them all out of proportion, and thats Rock and Roll.” I totally agree, Mr. David Lee Roth. You speak the truth.

Checkout this fantastic surreal vid for Primary 1’s track “Princess” as well as this remix by the UK garage god, MJ Cole. Also if you have a chance to get your hands on the new MJ Cole “Riddem EP”, do it. MASSIVE tracks.

Primary 1 – Princess (MJ Cole Remix)

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