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Music Video : Phoenix “Trying To Be Cool”

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Phoenix : Entertainment (Todd Edwards Remix)

Todd Edwards graces Phoenix once again this time with a remix of “Entertainment”, a moody groove take on Phoenix’s epic indie pop. Todd holds back on his signature cut up style until the chorus adding to the restraint and vibes of this remix. It is quite a #relevant time for Mr. Todd Edwards as he teams up with such big players in the French music scene.

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Phoenix : Entertainment (Homemade Performance Video)

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Phoenix : Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

Blood Orange transforms Phoenix’s “Entertainment” into a 90s RnB track that sounds like it was supposed to be on the Romeo+Juliet Soundtrack. A lovely re-visioning of Phoenix’s cryptic and profound lyrics and melodies.

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Phoenix : Entertainment

Phoenix unleashes the electrifying first single “Entertainment” off of their new album “Bankrupt!” out in April. It is a full-on Pop tune that sounds like every tune of theirs played at once, in the best way possible. There are swarming guitars, pounding floor toms, a very “eastern” sounding lead line that channels the energy and vibe of the Buggles and their haunted Thriller mixing board. It is a track that will satisfy everyone.

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The 52nd Grammy Awards Re-Cap

Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix wins Best Alternative Album of the Year and Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” wins Best Record of Year beating out Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I am kind of impressed with the Grammy’s this year. Beyonce deserved what she won especially after that great cover of Alanis Morissettes’ “You Oughta Know”. I especially enjoy the fact that the Music Industry community has paid their respects to Phoenix and Kings of Leon, bands that have paid their dues in the rock sense – that have toured for over 10 years and have made more than 2 records. But it is definitely the last time we see acts like them. We are moving into a new era where every band has to reinvent themselves every release. They have to treat themselves as a start-up company that has to develop a cutting edge and revolutionary business plan with every single/album/EP that they create and put out.

When Taylor Swift accepted her first award and said “I want to thank my record label for letting me write all my songs.” I finally decide that this industry is done. We are in a time where everything is fair game. Yet another paradigm shift in the musical business world I guess we just need another Radiohead album to show everyone what we should do. Bands, artists, DJs, Producers, labels, promo companies, everyone that is still clinging onto this shell of an industry, it is time to do things differently. Let’s not just send out the same promo emails with the same old free mp3s, press releases and press photos and post it on our blog, let’s all take the time and show that we are trying to do something new and different with our art and crafts. Let’s show that we care about the quality and work that an artists puts into their work. Whether it is a band like Phoenix who spends 2 years crafting an epic song such as “Love Like a Sunset” and never settling even when it was just an infant tune called “Twenty One One Zero” or a band like Kings of Leon who have toured endlessly. Let’s just not settle for mediocrity. Not too sure what I am trying to get at with this rant or what I want to see happen to the industry. No doubt this is an argument/conflict that has been going on for decades in the industry. But I just know it is an exciting time for music.

Also I have so much love for Diplo, who I feel is a walking middle finger to the music industry. He is like thanks for giving me this Grammy for “Paper Planes” – let me shit talk everyone here at this event via twitter. Here is Diplo & Co’s lovely take on multiple Grammy winner, Beyonce’s “Halo”.

Major Lazer x Elephant Man – HALO (Beyonce Cover)

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La Blogoteque A Take-Away Show: Phoenix

I am a huge fan of La Blogoteque: Take-Away Shows such a genius way of showcasing and shedding a new light on an artist’s music. What better way to showcase Phoenix than under the Eiffel Tower in front of tourists. They are France’s musical and cultural ambassadors to the world these days. Check out “1901” and “Long Distance Call” here.

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Phoenix: NPR World Cafe Live Acoustic Set + Love Like a Sunset (Turzi Remix)

Phoenix stopped by NPR’s World Cafe to play an acoustic 4 song set for the 100th time this year as well as a chat about each tune and their lives up to date. This maybe the same old same old in the blogosphere but it is oh so good.

Download: Phoenix: NPR World Cafe Live Acoustic Set

The French band Turzi add a new layer of synths that elevates “Love Like a Sunset” onto a level that Jean Michel Jarre would appreciate.

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset (Turzi Remix)

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ROB x Sébastien Tellier

You all know and have seen ROB on TV, on every late night show this summer laying it down on the keys/synths for this little known French Pop Band, Phoenix. This track is the 4th installation in his 12 month long release of musical pieces through Institubes Records. Mr. Tellier joins ROB on this latest tune – a psychedlic/kraut/classically inspired piece that dives deep into ROB’s musical mind. Join ROB on his mysterious musical adventures…

Also for 1500 euros, ROB will compose a piece just for you.

Download @ RCRDLBL: ROB – Femme et Enfant (feat. Sébastien Tellier)

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Phoenix: Live at The Wireless 2009

Photo by The Cobra Snake

Phoenix live is a totally different animal – raw and rocking. It all comes to life when Thomas Hedlund steps behind that drum kit. Here is a little souvenir for all of you who witnessed them live 🙂

Download: Phoenix: Live at The Wireless 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Lisztomania
03. Long Distance Call
04. Consolation Prizes
05. Rally
06. Sometimes in the Fall
07. Love Like A Sunset Part 1
08. Love Like A Sunset Part 2
09. Too Young
10. Rome
11. 1901
12. Back Announce

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