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Perpetual Care : Communion

The full five track “Communion” compilation by the brand new Perpetual Care collective is out now. A raw and eclectic collection of tracks that are a preview and peak into this new universe Joel Eel and his label is planning to foster for the forseeable future.

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Ausschuss : Silk Law

Perpetual Care is a new label and home built by Joel Eel. A creative space that taps into the dark dancefloor realm and comes out on the other side with a renewed sense of community. “Communion” is the first compilation on Perpetual Care – out November 6. Listen to the Ausschuss’ track “Silk Law” now – a relentless EBM fueled drum track that drills deep into the psyche.

“Communion is the ceremonial bind between the audio & visual union, conducting a spiritual regime to form remembrance” – Perpetual Care

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