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Asian Dan Presents Classic House Tracks According to the Word of Todd: Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling” MK Dub

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This week Todd brings us a classic House track from Marc Kinchen aka MK. It is a dub track of MK’s remix of Nightcrawlers’ “Pushing The Feeling”, a classic track and sample you will all recognize.

It was the catchiest hook I ever heard. What was it saying? Nothing. It was put together by sampling bits of the vocal and constructing a new pattern of cut-up vocals. GENIUS!!! Aside from one of having one of the biggest remixes of the time, MK (Marc Kinchen) went on to do what he does best for artists like Celine Dion, Bet Midler, Masters At Work, The B 52’s, and Jodeci to name a few. Here is another example of an artist with a signature sound. He had cut-up vocal hook runnings, along with some great keyboard playing. MK used piano, organ, and synth sax sounds to create melodic hooks with dark basslines to finish them off.

Nightcrawlers – Push the Feeling On (The Dub of Doom)

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