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Jackmaster : Mastermix 2012

One of my favorite DJs of the year, Jackmaster unveils a 2 hour mix entitled, “Mastermix 2012” which is an ode to some of the finest tracks to come out in 2012. The mix opens with John Talabot’s “So Will Be Now” then just dives into the deep end with tracks like Joy Orbison’s massive edit of Donell Jones’ “U Know What’s Up”. Enjoy!

Download: Jackmaster : Mastermix 2012

“I did it in New York when I was on a US tour recently. It started off quite happy and housey but the second half turned a bit darker as the hurricane hit. I was staying in my sister’s and luckily we didn’t lose any power, but over those few days there was nothing for me to do really except DJ, so I spent quite a lot of time on it making sure it was all in key – well, most of it – and coming up with some long blends with acapellas and stuff. It ended up quite a long one, almost two hours. There are some tracks in there that come in at almost 10 minutes which I let play out completely. A lot of people who’ve been following my previous mixes won’t be used to this. The good thing about doing a mix at the end of the year is the excuse to include some of your favourite tracks of that year, no matter if people think they’re redundant or whatever. There’s plenty of unreleased stuff though, and some that are 100% unheard anywhere else. I decided not to share a tracklist for this one. Not because I wanted to keep any of it secret, just because I don’t want the listener to know what’s coming next.” – Jackmaster

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