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My Asian Dan Intern, @samisateenager showed me Shazam the other day and I am quite impressed. An Australian DJ/Producer that was recently featured on Digitalism’s Kitsune Tabloid Mix as well as being used in that amazing Breakbot Disco Minimix. Check out “Luckier” a chilled out disco then “Pool Party 2008” a funky slapped out bass, banger.

“Shazam. I discovered this guy in Breakbot’s mini disco mix he uses “Luckier” as intro to the mix. Last month Shazam released his new EP entitled “Pool Party” including a remix from Rogerseventytwo. This Australian dude also produced several impressive remixes, be sure to check them out.” – @samisateenager

Shazam Myspace

Shazam – Luckier

Shazam – Pool Party 2008

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