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Boston Bun Presents LEAN HOUSE MIXTAPE vol. 1

So you maybe asking yourself, “What is Lean House?” Well it is the latest from some of Paris’ movers and shakers lead by a French newcomer, Boston Bun. I feel like Lean House Europe’s answer to America’s own Moombahton but with a touch of Euro class #purplestuff. Sometime you just need to slow your roll and take life in at 108 bpm…

“Do we really need to explain why we scew and chop our favorite house tracks? This is a dedication to H-Town, from Paris with love, RIP DJ SCREW. HOUSIZZURP, SLOW MO ON THE DANCEFLOOR”

Boston Bun Presents LEAN HOUSE MIXTAPE vol. 1 by Boston Bun

PS. Best comment from Discobelle’s Lean House post:

Nave Dana says:
September 9, 2011 at 13:03
Can’t wait for some lean house moombathon edit at 54bpm

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