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Music Video : Kindness “House”

So self-aware. So meta. It is on that Sesame Street level. Brilliant.

Kindness vs Leonard Berntstein

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Kindness : House

The mysterious Kindness has one over my heart with his album “World, You Need A Change of Mind”. It is an album that sits in a place somewhere between nostalgic music while being the most exciting and forward thinking collection tunes out today. After reading this candid Q&A with Kindness in Interview Mag, you really get an understanding of what a self-aware character Adam Bainbridge is and how he curates and positions himself.

“House” is a standout tune on the album. It is most fit for a “single” with its simple piano chords, big pop synth sounds and its emotional hook that you just want to sing along with. “World, You Need a Change of Mind” is out May 8 in the US on Terrible Records/Casablanca Records. Pre-Order the album here. For those of you in NYC, Kindness will make his live debut at Le Poisson Rouge May 17 and DJ at the Tribeca Grand May 19.

Also could this be the drum sample in for the track? Ace Frehley “New York Groove”? Good ear, Geoff.

PS Check out this mixtape I made for COLT+RANE that I close with “House”.
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Lime – You’re My Magician

Lime – You’re My Magician
This might be the best song to come out of the year 1981. Lime, a husband and wife duo from Montreal produced this track. This is the most infectious synthline I have ever heard in my life. This is begging to be sampled.

Lime –

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