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Asian Dan’s Guest List : Fort Lean Top 10 of 2011

I will come out with it now and say that Fort Lean is my favorite band of the year. I listen to their free 4-track EP at least once a day and sing-along to every tune, especially “High Definition”. They are well on their way to becoming a household name with all the buzz and success that has come to them in just the past 6 months. Once again I will say that I had the honor of sharing the bill with them twice this year with Emil & Friends and that they always destroy it live. Check out this interview with Keenan from Fort Lean in Interview Magazine and be on the lookout for their next single, “Sunsick” out on Neon Gold in February 2012.

The Fort Lean boys show that they are quite LOLzy by submitting their Top 10 Cars of All Time list instead of the traditional Top 10 Tracks of 2011. Be sure to read their Asian Dan Q&A that they answered a few months ago.

Fort Lean’s Top 10 Cars of All Time:

1. geo tracker – a classic in every sense
2. suzuki x-90 – so compact, so sleek
3. chevy el camino – in case you need to move anything
4. plymouth prowler – the virtual boy of cars
5. pontiac aztec – angular, aggressive 
6. chrysler pt cruiser – mini-hearse 
7. mazda miata – 90s mid-life crisis embodied
8. vw beetle (2000) – comes with built-in flower holder
9. vw rabbit pickup – is it a station wagon? is it a pickup?
10. mazda mpv – is it a van? is it a station wagon?

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