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Floating Points : Summer13at45 Mix

One of my favorite things about summer is finding the perfect mixtape to accompany the sunshine to capture that perfect vibe and mood. Floating Points assembles this one hour and a half mixtape consisting of some of the finest grooves 45s have to offer. Enjoy!

Download: Floating Points : Summer13at45 Mix

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Four Tet x Floating Points

A 13 min opus that revision’s the genius that is Four Tet’s “Sing” by another genius, Floating Points. A beautiful, introspective sonic journey that cleanses the mind. Purge your soul with some Four Tet x Floating Points.

Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Remix) by DominoRecordCo

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Sébastien Tellier x Floating Points

London’s own Floating Points adds his lofty/jazz style to Tellier’s epic tune. I just recently discovered Floating Points after hearing his tune “Love Me Like This” on one of Joy Orbison’s mixes. Subtly is where this electronic scene is going and Floating Points and Joy Orbison are right on par with that.

Sébastien Tellier – L’amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Mix)

Via Red Threat

I have been listening to this tune on constant repeat for the past two weeks, light n’ jazzy yet so simple and to the point 🙂
Floating Points – Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)

Check out this interview in Corduroy Magazine with Boys Noize here where he discusses the current state of affairs in the electronic/music world. Some wise words for all us music lovers and bloggers trying to live in this crazy blogosphere. “Why do we blog?” Let’s get through this blogsistential crisis together.

“We’ve gone the loudest and we’ve gone the most minimal. Everything’s been done, and it’s just important now to find the best of it and put it together again. I was always trying to not go with what is cool right now. And it’s getting harder and harder because the music is not happening in DJ and record shops only. Everyone knows the music. It’s a different time now.” – Boys Noize

If you blog it, they will come…

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