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Flairs is the solo projects from the ultimate bass player who played with at least a dozen reputed bands & artists, Anyhow for his new music outfit he got Alavi, Etienne De Crecy, 25 Hours A Day, Cosmo Vitelli, Bogus, Alex Gopher, & Benjamin Theves all involved & It doesn’t stop there.. Guess who’s directing the video?? Non other than the Mtv award winners behind Justice’s ‘D.A.N.C.E’ & Kanye’s ‘Good Life’, Jonas & Francois who have been working in the past months on a 2500 hand drawn black & white frames of the psychedelic Walt Disney on acid video for his first single ‘Better Than Prince’.

Flairs – Truckers Delight
Live drums were recorded by Cosmo Vitelli but played by Bogus.

Flair’s first single “Better Than Prince” produced by “Flairs” and ‘Etienne De Crécy’ & ‘Alex Gopher‘comes out soon, check it out on their myspace.

Flairs Myspace

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