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Asian Dan Presents Classic House Tracks According to the Word of Todd: Björk x Masters At Work

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Yet another installment of guest posts from Mr. Edwards, this time a lovely remix by Masters At Work of Bjork along side the tune that it inspired, The Sample Choir “Feeling Lonely”. Hope you are all enjoying and learning from this House music history less from Professor Todd.

Masters at Work’s Bjork “Violently Happy” Dub, another of my favorite MAW productions. It is Taken or influenced from an interlude by Kool And The Gang, the musical riff is one of the catchiest and most uplifiting used in an MAW dub. Once again, Kenny Dope’s use of hard snares and reverb drive the track.I attempted, once again, to emulate their work. This attempt came in the form of my track “Feeling Lonely” on The Sample Choir EP…I didn’t come close. 😉

Björk – Violently Happy (Masters At Work Dub)

The Sample Choir – Feeling Lonely

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