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Steve Reich x Röyksopp

This is could be considered blasphemy by some. To remix Steve Reich is an outrage. Somehow Röyksopp does this quite tastefully, retaining Steve Reich’s vision and sound while adding their signature sound. A well balanced re-visioning of an amazing track.

If you have 2 hours to kill check out this crash course interview with Steve Reich brought to you by the Red Bull Music Academy.

“We wanted to make our own version of this beautiful piece of music, adding beats and bass, and at the same time stay 100% true to the original arrangement. However, for our needs, we respectfully (although some might say cheekily) altered the whole song from a 3/4 to a 4/4 time signature. Not unlike how The Orb did it in their 90’s classic Little Fluffy Clouds. Actually, editing and experimenting with this piece of music turned out to be great fun!
So much fun, in fact, that we wanted to depart further from the original, and create yet another version. This time, using the tone quality of the original sample as a starting point, we embarked on an analog-fueled journey into repetitive madness and harmonic bliss.” Röyksopp

Stevie Reich – Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast (Röyksopp True To Original Edit)

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