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Music Video : Chateau Marmont “Wargames”

Chateu Marmont’s latest single “Wargames” is part yacht rock and part 70s prog rock, an unlikely combination that works so well. Just imagine Giorgio Moroder working with ELO on a score for some 70s heist movie – this would be the opening credits music. Check out the music video that documents their rock and roll travels in America. Their full length album “The Maze” is out soon.

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Chateau Marmont : Receive And Follow + 2011 North American Tour Dates

Ah! The French. I’ve met a few French people in my life and have listen to some of their music as well. Good stuff. Speaking of French music, here is Chateau Marmont. The French quartet are set to release their debut album featuring some of the finest of exploratory synth pop in 2011. While listening to “Receive And Follow” you will not help but ponder and question the meaning of Life as you are swarmed by twinkling synth and an indecipherable vocoder voice. When you think the song only has synthesizers to offer, you are heralded in by regal horns that announce the epic “future” at hand.

Be sure to check Chateau Marmont out on tour this October with Revolver as the 2 bands make their way across North America.

Receive And Follow by Chateau Marmont

Tour Dates below…
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