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Music Video : Portishead “SOS”

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Music Go Music

Music Go Music is a LA based group signed to Secretly Canadian Records that sound like they are trapped in the late 70s, in every good way possible. They channel the likes of ABBA, ELO, Olivia Newton John, Giorgio Moroder, Sparks and other elements of disco and Italo (all music I am loving right now). It is amazing how they nailed the production/songwriting style. They take the best elements of this stylized and dated era of music and inject it with a new energy. This epic/power pop sound is what music needs right now.

“Warm in The Shadows” has a slinky/badass Italo vibe with a very ABBA-esque/Donna Summers’ whispery vocal sound. Reminds me of Italians Do It Better’s Chromatics.
Music Go Music – Warm In The Shadows

Totally ABBA meets ELO.
Music Go Music – Light Of Love

Music Go Music Myspace
Secretly Canadian Records

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