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M.T. Hadley : There Isn’t A Window I Won’t Look Out Of

M.T. Hadley is my favorite songwriter as of late. A songwriter that offers heavy, honest, insightful, fun and smart songs that are always stuck in my head. His 2019 debut album “Empty” is still in heavy rotation on my end and offered a touch of 70s pop class with 80s synth production – everything I am a sucker for.

His new EP “There Isn’t A Window That I Won’t Look Out Of” is out today and he describes it as “a collection of four classic pop songs recorded solely on instruments over 400 years old including the violin. It gleams and glistens as it deftly slices through the ????????????????ℙ???? ???????????? ????????????????ℙ???? of the modern, whizzing pop which surround it.” A beautiful and soothing collection of songs that are a perfect follow up to his polished and well produced album. The EP closes with a fun cover of Robert Wyatt’s “Signed Curtain”.

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