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Lim Giong : A Pure Person

This compilation from A Pure Person Press is a part remix and a reinterpretation of Lim Giong’s original theme “A Pure Person” from the iconic 2001 Taiwanese film “Millennium Mambo”. A film that embodies the Y2K aesthetic and energy, a pure time of possibility and hope in the future. These interpretations of the original theme reflect on the concept of being a “pure person” and provide a meditative and introspective soundtrack to our ever shifting world we live in at the momement.

“In the iconic opening scene of Hou Hsiao Hsien’s Millennium Mambo (2001), the actress Shu Qi glides through a tunnel. Her hair slides across her face as she looks left, right, back, forward, then back again as Lim Giong’s “A Pure Person” begins to play. Her life is broken, but in that moment, she escapes – there is no pain. There is no sense of past, present, or future – she exists as a pure person within all three.

This album seeks to understand what it means to be a pure person. Through new melodic and philosophical interpretations of Lim Giong’s original track as well as one new track from Lim, A Pure Person contains the past, present, and future. Created with the purest of intentions, please enjoy with the purest of intentions.”

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