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Prefuse 73 returns with Piano Overlord “Aninha Mission”

Prefuse 73 returns with one of my favorite of his monikers, Piano Overlord. “Aninha” is the first track off the release and features the usual cornucopia of Rhodes, Wurlizters and pianos over some tight grooves that Piano Overlord is know for. “Aninha Mission” comes out on Chocolate Industries next week, July 17.

Piano Overlord, Aninha Mission (Chocolate Industries, July 17th):
1. Conception
2. Reception
3. I Moved Here
4. Somewhere South
5. Overising
6. Better Things
7. The Last Picture Washed Away
8. Eygtology
9. En Sveno
10. Aninha
11. Unititled Featuring Cibelle
12. I Moved Here (Reprise)
13. Untitiled

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