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Asian Dan’s Guest List : Prefuse 73 Top 10 of 2011

The one and only Guillermo S. Herren aka Prefuse 73 hooked the blog up with his favorite sounds of 2011. He couldn’t keep it down to 10 cause he is a punk so enjoy.

Asian Dan’s Guest List : Prefuse 73 Top 10 of 2011

2k11’s Why(s) and Low(s) via: @prefuse73 – Guillermo S. Herren ((FAMELECT.CATACUBANO.LOVERS.L.L.C.))

In no order but numbered _ organization represents = cleanliness…

1.”O.P.N.”_ Replica” : This is a perfect example of making a great ‘follow up’ record to a record that was already good.. Flipped the production up, abandoned previous t.m.s and succeeded… Muy ‘fucking’ Bien!!!! = I listen to it every day…<3
2. “Teebs”_ Collections 01” : Restraint mixed with the right compression ratios can have a powerful effect. What sucks the soul out of so much ‘beat based’ music these days is the abuse of every feature, sound and trick available at anyone’s disposal. This is soul music and the sound is confident w/o the need to knock anyone over the head. — I’ll just mention that he’s an amazing painter and you can hear it in his ‘brush strokes’. I wish the most for @teebsio b/c it is quite rare for people to be so sincere these days in this horrid music world.

3. “Demdike Stare”_ “Tryptych” : On a never ending search to find music that is unclassifiable but completely sensible = this is. – They have a newer album but I’m too broke to buy it so I’m referencing: ‘Tryptych’.. *I will buy new album on vinyl b/c it looks amazing and I know it will sound just as good. * Some sources have said that certain members of this ‘cult’ have been known as the deepest ‘crate diggers’ in: Manchester. —– I want to state for the record that I lost a storage space full of records in Atlanta, Ga. while living in Barcelona,Es. b/c my Credit Card expired and they auctioned off all my records on the side of the road next to: Piedmont Park. Anyone that bought records in 2k5 in that area of A.T.L. = FuckU!! (I wish you the worst in life…))

4. “Apparat”_ “The Devil’s Walk” : I don’t really get what happened here? Everyone was loving ‘Walls’ in 2k7 but everyone scattered on this joint (which is just as good). This album rides perfect, ‘over dramatic waves’ and completely demolishes 99% of the records that sound like it this year. Why is this not the #1 top 10 competitive record of the year?(dunno?) BUT_ ‘Apparat’ should win all contests and end of year awards that essentially mean nothing at all. – HE should win a Grammy. WHY? = BECAUSE THIS SHIT SOUNDS BETTER THAN COLDPLAY! PEOPLE COMPARING ‘APPARAT’ TO: ‘Gwyneth Paltrow’ SHOULD NOT BE REVIEWING MUSIC…. Meanwhile.

5. “Grouper”_ A I A : Alien Observer ” : This very smart woman makes the kind of music that most of my friends don’t understand b/c they are dumb and uneducated. Her music is simply beautiful. Makes me want to hang out next to an ocean when it’s freezing outside or hide in some woods somewhere with my best friend: ‘Rasheed” (sometimes I feel like he’s the only one that loves me as a man b/c he likes ‘grouper’ too.) – 🙁

6. “Tim Hecker”_ “Ravedeath,1972/Dropped Pianos” :: He dropped two excellent albums in 2k11 so I feel like I owe him a drink… One with more intensive, processed textural work and the other with more exposed source material as the title suggests. I’m actually listening to a 2003 record of his right now, you should too.

7. “Tri Angle Records 2k11″_ “Clams Casino” ,”Ayshay”, “Balam Acab”, “Holy Other”, etc….. – Don’t really understand all the ‘genre’ generalizations that have been put on this label but I’m more content and happy with a label putting out a consistent output for the year. <3 to you. 8. “Thundercat”_ “The Golden Age of Apocalypse” : “Is It Love?” is simply my jam. – I’ve played it enough to make my ‘best of 2k11’…

9. “Andy Stott”_ “We Stay Together”/”Passed Me By” : I have the upmost respect for any genre of music sent through an obscured lens successfully. I would NOT be an official person to explain the ‘depth’ or ‘origin’ of this music but it’s getting lots of love in my home/studio as of late.

10. “Forest Swords” : I’ll include this for 2011 by adding ‘Fjree Feather’ + the remixes that he did this year as well. I might as well admit, I’m biased b/c he does everything I want to hear in a song: plays ‘actual’ instruments, composes songs well, makes good beats, incorporates it all nicely. *NOTE: the place where ‘guitars and beats meet’ can go very wrong and this continues to go the right way. I only see good things coming out of this dude.

((two mentions….fuck U. :-))

11. “DANNY BROWN” wins Rapper of the Year in 2k11+2k12 – (WHY?) 1. He is an M.C.’s MC (he is QUALIFIED/Skilled) 2. STYLE (He can flow about receiving oral sex on 20 tracks+ and still sound better than most.) 3. OPEN (handles newfound fans well) 4. VOICE (will go down in the history books)

12. Prediction!!! EL-PRODUCTO will make a serious dent in 2k12. (WHY?) 1. Who else do do U know that kills it lyrically and beats for this long?) 2. It’s time _admit it y’all = We ALL need EL in our life. 3. If you hate on him – Then you are MISINFORMED. 4. He has landed ‘ATL’ connects 4 2k12. (get ready)

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