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Azari & III “Manic” Stream

There is something about AzarI & III that I could never put my finger on with their brand of Distopian-futurist-house. It is more than appropriate that their debut full-length album is entitled “Manic”. The entire LP is a collection of genre blending dancefloor tracks that will conjure up images of 80s excess mixed in with 90s apathy. It is a collection of tunes that strike a nostalgic note while still feeling very futuristic. “Lost In Time” and “Change of Heart” are two of my favorite cuts from the album along side all the big singles that we all know and love. “Undecided” is a track that is a clash of Depeche Mode and and early NIN – a sound and vibe that I have no problem hearing in today’s musical environment. This is definitely in the running for one of my top favorite albums of 2011.

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