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Asian Dan Presents Koreless “The Cranny Cast” Mix + Q&A

The mysterious 18 year old Welsh producer Koreless crafted this 30 min minimix for the blog and answers a few questions that offer a slight peak into his musical mind. Be on the look out for new music and remixes from Koreless in the near future. Follow @koreless on Twitter.

Asian Dan Presents Koreless “The Cranny Cast” Mix

Asian Dan Q&A: Koreless

1. Who is koreless? How would you describe your music?

My tunes are a blend of everything I’m feeling, on a musical tip or not. As cliché as it sounds, my whole life revolves around music. Everything that happens around me ends up going directly into my tunes.

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

Early jungle is a huge influence, I was never there, but I wish I was. There’s an energy of tunes from that era, early 90’s, that’s just not comparable to anything else. I can’t quite pin point it, its the same with 2 step. It gives me a floating feeling, I was walking down Sauchiehall street, with “tom and jerry – on and on” playing through, and it was just amazing, everything sort of married together. Thats what I get from music, the right tune at the right time, just puts things into perspective. I work backwards from this when I make tunes, see what’s missing at that moment, and fill the gap.

3. What is the Glasgow electronic music scene like versus the rest of the UK? With acts like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke coming out of Glasgow it must feel like an exciting time.

Yeah Glasgow is a lively place to be just now, Theres a load of decent nights, Lucky me run ballers social club, pushing the beat side of things, Fortified and Numbers always have cool bookings as well, Kode 9, Floating Points, Zed bias to name a few… Theres mungos hi fi who run the reggae and dub nights, they booked congo natty not long ago whitch was absoloutly amazing!

4. You are only 18 but definitely have a very distinct sound – how did you get into producing music and what led you down this sonic path?

I don’t know really, one of those things, It just sort of happened over time. I’ve always favoured music with soul to flat out bangers. I hate tunes with no originality as well, formulated music and that, I don’t think it really counts. To me, music is art, more of a personal thing, copying what everyone else is doing is just pointless. There’s a lot of good producers out there doing there own thing though, Fauxhemian, Bakegla, Acto to name a few, pushing new boundaries and ideas. I’ve got huge respect for anyone who does that.

5. Who are your top 5 favourite producers/DJs?

Actress, Zomby, Mala, El B, Kode 9

6. What are your top 5 favourite electronic/dance tunes?

At the moment:
Actress – Lost
Actress – Hubble
Lone – Angel brain
Motor city drum ensemble – Raw Cuts 3
James Blake – CMYK

7. Where do you see this entire electronic/dance scene going?

Hard to tell, things change so quickly and unexpectedley you can never see what’s coming. I hope it keeps its rawness, its so easy to polish a tune so much that it looses its soul. That’s what makes certain tunes unique, the little imperfections.

8. Future plans for Koreless?

I’ve got a 4 track digital EP forthcoming on Pictures Music in June. Also doing a remix of respites Orchid thief, and hes remixing my up down up down, for A Lucky me compilation.

“The Cranny Cast” Tracklist:
Gonjasufi + Gaslamp Killer – DedNd
Caribou – Odessa
Zomby – Test me for a teason
David rubato – Circuit (aereoplane remix)
Samiyam – riding dirty
Raekwon – Verbal Intercourse (Ft Ghostface Killah & Nas)
Lone – Karen loves kate
Little dragon – After the rain (floating points remix)
Andreya triana – Lost where i belong (flying lotus remix)
Flying lotus + Gonjasufi – testament
Thriller – Hubble
Tomasz stanko quartet – Song for sarah
El B – Show a little love
Mount kimbie – 50 Mile view

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