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Midnight Juggernauts: Vital Signs + Get Connected

Midnight Juggernauts return to this forever changing synth laden musical landscape with a futuristic sound that has been dipped in 60s psychedelia. They channel Giorgio Moroder but thinkGiorgio Moroder “Tears” pre-sequenced basslines. More organs and mellotrons than digital sounding synths. And more stoner/shoegaze guitars. Overall Midnight Juggenauts showcases how they are still a band that are out to explore and highlight their organic songwriting/musical side. “The Crystal Axis” is set to penetrate our psyches 5.28.2010.

Checkout the first single off the album “Vital Signs” and the B-side “Get Connected”.

Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs

Midnight Juggernauts – Get Connected

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