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Hey Champ “Star” Out 7.13.2010 + Download “Neverest” & “Cold Dust Girl”

Finally, Hey Champ’s debut album “Star” is coming out onTownie Records after a year or so of honing and crafting their futuristic synth pop rock sound. It is fresh from being mastered by Nilesh Patel from the Exchange in London and will definitely have a kick and pop to it. I had the pleasure of hearing the entire album and it is quite a journey – a synth pop rock and or roll odyssey. My personal favorite is the title track, “Star” a tune that sounds like The Buggles meets Devo and Sparks with a modern pop vibe and sensibility. This is America’s take on this whole hipster synth pop rock, but with a lot more atittude and American rock gusto. So take out your convertible, put on your denim jacket and wayfarers and get ready to drive around with your top down bumping this album.

Sign up to download “Neverest” a straightforward pop rock tune that reminds me The Police meets ELO circa “Time”. Also download some other tune called “Cold Dust Girl” 😉

Hey Champ – Neverest

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