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Asian Dan Q&A: GRUM

GRUMS is a UK producer that has been making his rounds in the blogosphere for the past year or so with his fantastic productions and remixes. From the likes of Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, and Passion Pit – Grum has touched them all. Check out his new singe “Cant’ Shake this Feeling” and some live dates here in North America. He will be in NYC tonight at Santos with The Twelves. I will be giving away guestlist spots via Twitter for the GRUM x The Twelves party in LA May 8, so be on the look out on the Asian Dan Twitter.

Can’t Shake This Feeling (Album Version)byHeartbeatsheartbeats

Asian Dan Q&A: GRUM

1. Who is GRUM? How would you describe your music?

GRUM is all your wildest dreams come true. Whatever they may be. Probably. My music is probably best described as big, camp, sexy dance music. I saw it described as Power Disco earlier, not sure about that one.

2. What was your first musical memory?

I remember hearing Human League’s Don’t You Want Me on some local radio station and recording it to a tape when I was like 7. I listened to it over and over on repeat for days, loved it.

3. What are your influences musical or otherwise?

I’m mostly a music guy; I have appreciation for art and stuff like that but really I’m just obsessed/influenced by sound. So that means all the artists which have really inspired me…I guess Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder, and all those random obscure amazing 80s disco records that pop up on blogs. I’m really enjoying Barry Gibb’s production for various 80’s artists right now so I’m sure I’m absorbing lots of those influences.

4. Your Passion Pit remix and your minimix were 2 of my fav productions and mixes of 2009 – what are your goals and approaches to remixing vs. producing vs. DJing?

I guess you need to take the three things separately. For remixing I’m mainly trying to create a big dancefloor tune using elements of the original track I get given. Really, the style I go for depends on the track itself; I often try and maybe change the feel of it. I tend to like using vocals and building up a whole new song around that. Producing is slightly different in that its just me completely coming up with the ideas, whether that’s working with a sample or writing from scratch. When producing my own music I feel a bit freer in that there are no boundaries with what I need to come up with. There’s plenty of little sonic experiements on my hard drive that no one will ever hear 😉

DJing is totally different, and a great part of what I do. I’m moving more and more towards playing all my own edits and mashups, alongside my remixes and originals. This will be a gradual transformation culminating in the live show.

5. What are your our top 5 dance tracks of all time that inspired you to start producing and DJing?

Stardust – Music Sounds Better with You
This was massive when I was in my early teens and really got me interested in dance music.

3drives – Greece2000
The ultimate trance track. I don’t care if its not cool…!

Felix da Housecat – Silver Screen Shower Scene
Total sleezy electroclash disco, filthy but cool.

Justice – Waters of Nazareth
This marked a turning point in dance music for me…so fresh at the time

Chris Rea – Josephine (La Version Francais)
This really got me into the Balearic pop sound…and I now proudly own a copy on 12”!

6. What have you been currently listening to lately that you are loving?

In terms of club music, Pryda is really on fire right now and his new track ‘Emos’ is massive. Also loving the new EP from Light Year, some great dancefloor stuff on there. I’m also addicted to the new Scissor Sisters track ‘Invisible Light’ and have done a special version to play out in my sets.

7. Future plans for GRUM?

Coming up I’ve got a remix for Marina and the Diamonds. At the same time I’ve been developing my live show, ready for the summer festivals. Its going to involve some special clubbed up versions of album tracks so will be pretty interesting. My album is also out soon, released in May.

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