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MGMT – Flash Delirium

Finally MGMT, Blogonomics staple is back to fuel the Hypemachine. This track sounds like a a cat surfing on an 8-bit sega wave. Oh wait. A super 60s psychedelic pop surfer vibe. I definitely hear some early Pink Floyd circa Syd Barret. Definitely structurely the tune is about being more of a sonic journey than a track with hooks – proof on what you can do in a 4 min song. This is a return to their hippie/liberal arts New England roots.

This album I feel will have very little to do with Electric Feel, Time to Pretend, and Kids – instead will be about a complete journey within the dying medium, an album. A nostalgic experience when listening to a piece of music in one sitting was a privilege. I feel that MGMT is going to alienate their old fans and just win over a new fans since it will be so hard to replicate the greatness and success that was “Oracular Spectacular”.

MGMT – Flash Delirium

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