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Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok

I remember hearing this tune as an opener for one of Erol Alkan’s Parklife sets that I downloaded a few weeks ago and I was blown away. I then heard it again on Busy P’s Essential mix and found out who this fantastic producer from Hamburg is. Boris Dlugosch has been around for quite a while and has even remixed Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” for their 2001 Daft Club internet releases. “Bangkok” is now out on Erol’s Phantasy Sounds, purchase it in its full 320 kbps glory at Beatport.

Also check out this fantastic interview with Erol at Erol is just a mad scientist genius living in his own world. I respect him so much for doing whatever the fuck he wants. I’m glad he understands this crazy bloghaus/banger world we live in. I cannot wait for more productions from this man.

“The reason Chemical Brothers (and Daft Punk) have had the success they’ve had is through their subtlety, their detail – it’s not mindless. Not to dismiss the current scene, but there is stuff that has got a bit too hard and a bit too mindless – if we’re not careful we’re only a few steps from Hard House or stuff like that. Let’s bring some funk back, let’s not just bang our heads on walls!”– Erol Alkan


Cheers to the Montreal boys,

Daft Punk – Digital Love (Boris Dlugosch Remix)

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