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Asian Dan Q&A: CRYSTAL

Crystal is a very unlike addition to the Hooligan Disco sounds of Institubes records but they are a Japanese quartet that does a great job making a nod to the early electronic greats, Kraftwerk, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Jean Michel-Jarre, Human League, to name a few. There is something very quirky yet sincere about their brand of electro pop.

Crystal – Don’t Mind (Demo)

Asian Dan Q&A: Crystal

1. Who is Crystal? How would you describe your music?
MARS, Keita Onishi, Shinya Sato, Ryota Miyake. Our music is Techno or Elepop.

2. What are some of your influences musical or otherwise?
We love Human League, Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, Der Plan etc.. YMO was a great band too. But we don’t know them well. We like the exaggerated seriousness of the arrangements of the songs of 80’s. But we like folksongs, psyche music, krautrock, calipso, mambo

3. What are you top 5 dance tracks?
see you/depeche mode
I wanna be your lover/la bionda
fred von jupiter/die doraus und die marinas
back to the motor way/metronomy
blue monday/new order
moscow discow/telex

4. What is it like being part of the Institubes family?

5. What are some artists or musical trends that you see becoming the next big thing in the next year or so?
Trends: acid house or madchester again? Slower, looser tempo. or italo? or minimal?
Artists of 2010: Chateau Marmont, Astrolabe, Surkin, Metronomy’s new album.

6. Future plans for Crystal?
LIVE: 11th November @ Paris Social Club w/Surkin, Chateau Marmont (DJ set)
19th December @ ?? Tokyo w/Brixton Academy
Our live show is always with movies by Shinya & Keita.

Releases: We hope a new EP early next year & an Album later next year.

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