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Asian Dan Interview: 25 Hours A Day

My intern Sam was able to get in touch with 25 Hours A Day for a brief Q&A/Interview. Check out what 25 Hours A Day has in store, including another remix for Phoenix’s next single, “Fences”.

Asian Dan Interview: 25 Hours A Day

Who is 25 Hours A Day?

25had is me, Pierrick Devin. Some people said that my tracks sounds
like a band but it s a solo project. I did remixes mostly, so far…

How could you describe your music?

It s a kind of mix between indie rock and dance music.

What are your main musical influences?

When I was 15 I was really into “French touch” bands like Daft punk, Cassius etc… And at the same time I was listenning to pop bands like Supergrass or rock bands like Sonic Youth, weezer and Pavement. These days I really love all the DFA or DC recordings releases, I’m also listening to classics bands like Talking Heads, Liquid Liquid or
Suicide. I like some garage bands too : Jay Reatard is great, the Black Lips etc…

How would you describe your relationship with Phoenix?

We are friends. I first meet them when I was working as an assistant in plus xxx studios. We spend a month working on the mixing of their 3rd album “Its never been like that”, in fact I was patching some
audio gear, line up the tape recorder and making coffee and we became closer. They shared many mp3 with me, I discovered a lot of music thanks to them. One day during this period, they listened to a track I was working on and they really liked it so they asked me to remix their track “Long Distance Call”. I was really excited and nervous at the time. It was my first remix.

Phoenix – Long Distance Call (25 Hours A Day Remix)

I heard you are now playing bass for Adam Kesher, congrats! How did it happen?

I worked on the first adam kesher album as sound engineer and co-producer. I played bass on 2 or 3 tracks because I wanted to change some notes they liked it so when they were looking for a bass player,
they naturally asked me to join the band. It was so obvious I said yes.

Are you close friends with A Fight for Love?

Sure! “A Fight For Love” is a side project of Julien Perez and Gaetan Didelot. Those two brilliant guys are one half of Adam Kesher… I did some recording and mixing for them we also plan to play live together. You can download some tracks for free on their myspace page. The
tracks are really great. It was fun to do the Lizstomania remix together.

Phoenx – Lisztomania (A Fight for Love & 25 Hours A day Remix)

What are your top 5 dance tracks?

Zombie – Fela Kuti
(Best song ever for dancing during 10 minutes)

I need somebody tonight – Sylvester

Summer song – Yacht

Optimo – Liquid Liquid

Lalala (inside my ind) – Green Velvet and Jamie Principle

Future plans for you, Pierrick? Tours? Productions? Remixes?

I have to finish a new remix for Phoenix second single, I am working on the next Adam Kesher album I am also working on project with Alex Gopher but it’s too soon to talk about it…

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