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Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore

Tiga – Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (ft. Soulwax)* Removed by Request*
Cheers, Fluo Kids

Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines. Now here is a new track by Tiga featuring Soulwax “Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore”. Wow. What a classic sounding dance track. Such a “last dance” track. Donna Summer would be proud. I cannot wait for this new Tiga album. Soulwax, Gonzales, James Murphy, Phillipe Zdar & Tiga? All on one album! Whew.


Tiga – Shoes (Prod. Soulwax & Gonzales) (BBC Radio 1 Rip)*Removed by Request*

Ciao! Tracklist:

Beep Beep Beep (ft. Soulwax)
Mind Dimension (ft. Jori Hulkkonen)
Shoes (ft. Soulwax & Gonzales)
What You Need (ft. Soulwax, vocals: Jake Shears)
Luxury (ft. Gonzales)
Sex O’Clock (ft. James Murphy)
Overtime (ft. Soulwax)
Turn The Night On (ft. Gonzales)
Speak, Memory (with Jasper Dahlback and Phillipe Zdar)
Gentle Giant (ft. James Murphy)
Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (ft. Soulwax)

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