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Hey Champ Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix + Interview

Those wonderful Chicago boys, Hey Champ hooked Asian Dan up with an exclusive Minimix. It is a wonderful journey into their musical minds. Supertramp! Check out a little Asian Dan Interview with Hey Champ.

Hey Champ – Hey Champ Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

Hey Champ Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix Tracklist:

0. Intro
1. Newcleus – Jam on Revenge
2. Baby’s Gang – Challenger
3. Hey Champ – Face Control
4. Supertramp – The Logical Song
5. Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (80 Kidz Remix)
6. Gusto – Disco’s Revenge
7. Cube – Concert Boy

Asian Dan Interviews: Hey Champ

1. Who is Hey Champ? How would you describe your music?
–Saam (vox, guitar), Jonathan (drums, vox), Pete (synths)
–We are a pop band with influences from rock, electro & disco.

2. What are your influences? Musical or otherwise? What are your first musical memories?
–We’ve all played instruments as long as we can remember. We also suffered from lisps as children and that probably contributed to the amount of time spent on music due to the related social marginalization.

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3. What is like to be part of the Chicago music scene? It is such a prolific city when it comes to music from Jazz to the Chicago House Music scene to rappers like Lupe and Kanye.
–Chicago’s musical contributions to the world are insane, but it’s also a tough place to make it as a rock band. There is a huge DJ and dance music scene though, and we owe a lot of our exposure to playing and DJ’ing indie dance parties.

4. What draws you guys to perform as a band when you could just produce your own tracks and play them out when you DJ?
–We’re huge fans of electronic music and realize there is a lot that can’t be played live. At the same time, it can be disappointing to see a mostly pre-programmed electronic show instead of a live performance. Though we love producing tracks in the studio, our goal for Hey Champ has always been to perform our instruments live.

5. What do you guys think is the next big thing in music? Who are some artists you cannot stop listening to? What will be the next musical movement rehashed from the past?
–It’s tough to say, because it seems like every possible movement has already been rehashed. We think people are going to finally run into a void in rehashing 1997-2001, which was probably the bermuda triangle of most pop music.

6. How does it feel to be part of the 1st and 15th family? And how have the shows with Lupe been?
–Lupe has been incredibly cool to us. I’m not sure if people realize how much of a fan of music he is…music of all genres. 1st and 15th is becoming a reflection of that. We played shows with Matt Santos back in the day for around 15 people, and DJ’d with Mano long before we got the call from Lupe, so we’ve all been friends for a while.

–The shows are incredible. We went from a local Chicago band to playing for thousands of people. Each night we learn so much from him and his band, and each night we leave the venue a better band. In case anyone was wondering, being a rock star is awesome…..

7. What does 2009 have in store for Hey Champ?
–We’re working on our first album which will be done in January. We’re kicking off the new year by opening for Justice at Congress Theatre in Chicago. We’ll also be touring, remixing, producing, DJ’ing, and of course, keeping up on the latest from Asian Dan’s blog.

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