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Todd Edwards

I just got my hands on Todd Edwards’ Odyssey and am listening to it and really digging it and I think to myself, wow Daft Punk really rips him off, especially his vocal style. I then do some research and find out that Todd Edwards co-produced “Face to Face” and is the guy singing on it. Ha! Oh and he is mentioned in “Teachers” off Homework. Daft Punk Discovery
Todd Edwards is apparently the godfather of the Garage scene in the UK, a producer from Bloomfield, New Jersey. I love what he does with vocals, he has this cut up sound that reminds me of Prefuse 73, just listen to what he does to the the vocals in the Klaxons remix. I love his synth bass sounds, they are so slick and the way he uses Fender Rhodes in his tracks. I’m so glad I finally discovered him.

Todd Edwards – Far Away
Todd Edwards – All That Matters
Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Todd Edwards Dub)

Todd Edwards Myspace
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