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These New Puritans

I was listening to the Klaxons Radio 1 takeover last night and I really liked the track they played by These New Puritans, a fellow English band that is on their old label Angular Records. They even opened for the Klaxons on a past UK tour. Their music is likened to The Fall because of the very Mark E. Smith vocals but I’m sure singer, Jack Barnett does not beat his wife. Jack’s brother George use to be a model for Dior Homme and These New Puritans were commissioned by Dior to make a soundtrack for their recent runway show. A lot of their music reminds me of Blonde Redhead, circa In An Expression of the Inexpressible. Beat Pyramid comes out Jan 28 on Angular Records/Domino Records, and I really hope they tour the US soon.

Here is the track Klaxons spun on Radio1:
These New Puritans – Swords of Truth

These New Puritans – Colours

These New Puritans Myspace

These New Puritans x

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