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Steve Aoki – Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles Review

Sorry for the delayed review of Steve Aoki’s album. But I finally got around to giving it a thorough listening and am quite surprised by this concept for an album/mixtape. This mixtape is the musical equivalent of name dropping in the hipster universe, MSTRKRFT, Spank Rock, Klaxons, Justice, Uffie, god damn. And the fact that all these artists were cool with the multifarious Aoki mixing and releasing a cd with their music goes to show that he is a cool monger. The fact that Aoki starts the mix off with Refused, New Noise shows that he knows what’s up and knows that Refused is the best hardcore band ever. Period. Overall Steve Aoki provides the a great mix for you to blast at your next party to show all your friends that you know what’s up.

Throwback Cobrasnake photo of Steve Aoki. Back in the day when Cobrasnake was called Polaroid Scene, do you remember those days? You’ve come a long way Mr. Aoki, Pappa Benihana would be proud.

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