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A small clip of MSTRKRFT’s new track that apparently every DJ has been asking them for. It is some hardcore, sweaty, raw House. They spun this when I saw them in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, intense stuff.


A few words from JFK’s MSTRKRFT message board.

yes, this is VUVUVU.

the track after it is an unreleased crookers remix i re-edited.

glad you like VUVUVU… that break was the most complicated midi problem we ever had. we had to use calculators even. seriously.

EDIT: i perfer this video of it, even though the sound isnt as good.

j f k

xavier from justice named it sorta… we were talking about the music we make and he said that they make “BOOM CRACK BOOM CRACK” music and we make ” VU VU VU” music. hahah. we figured this was the most VU VU VU a song could possibly be.


j f k

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